Gopher Tetherball

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A top-notch, entry-level institutional tetherball.

The time-tested game of tetherball requires a sturdy, enticing ball, which is why we designed our Gopher Tetherball to stand up to institutional use. This staple of PE class is now more affordable and enduring than ever! 

Classic Fun

Teachers looking for an engaging activity requiring minimal setup have found the perfect game! Tetherball is a simple activity that engages students of all ages while promoting teamwork and cooperation. 

Simply attach the Gopher Tetherball to a pole via the 8'L rope, and you're ready to go! Students stand on either side of the pole and hit the ball as it flies by, attempting to fully wrap the cord around the pole. 

Highly Economical

Its concentration of nylon windings create a firmer ball, which increases the ball's velocity. This makes it fly faster and longer through the air. Students of all skill levels will enjoy its fast speed! The cover is bright blue, making it super easy to see and fun for all ages!

A quality butyl bladder ensures consistent air pressure as it will not leak so no there's no worry of finding a lumpy, deflated ball before class. Standard size, includes a durable white 8'L nylon rope.