Gopher Speedster Table Tennis Balls

Unit:  Pkg of 144

Long-lasting table tennis balls developed for demanding recreational settings.

Ready to stand up to any game, these official size table tennis balls are designed to be an economical and beginner friendly option for teaching and playing. Crack-resistant and smooth to the touch, they are our most popular option by far!

Great for Beginners

Designed to emphasize ball control and acclimate beginner players with the feel and behavior of table tennis balls, this option is a premier choice for institutional use. A smooth and even shell eliminates obscure bounces or random ball behavior to give students a predictable flight path and a better understanding of shot placement.

The 40 mm size and weight meets ITTF regulations, so all ages play with the official standard. Getting comfortable with regulation standards right from the get-go helps players develop their game appropriately.

Durable and Economical

By far our most popular option and certainly the greatest value for schools and institutions, Speedster offers longevity and reliability for years to come. Our durable design helps deliver quality play, without the fear of putting too much on a shot and ruining the ball—students can swing away gleefully as they get comfortable with the game. A pack of 144 balls ensures you’ll never be short and limit play!