Gopher Rubber Playground Ball Packs

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Take recess to a whole new level with these complete rubber ball packs!

The pinnacle of affordable sports equipment for schools, these packs of playground balls give your students everything they need to have fun during recess, PE class, or after school. Basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs, along with tetherballs and utility balls, all in Rainbow® colors, leave unlimited room for fun on the playground. Rainbow® colors add to the excitement and keep students immersed in the fun.

Perfect for the Playground

No matter what sport your students fancy during their free time, this pack provides them with the right ball to keep them occupied. Players looking to brush up on basketball shooting or soccer dribbling can grab a ball and hone their skills alone, while students looking for a fun time with friends can toss a football back and forth or get a group together to keep a volleyball in the air. Recess has never had more options!

Rainbow® colors also lend themselves to these balls, bringing excitement and organization to time spent on the playground. Students can grab their favorite color ball or have a color assigned to them, making it easy when the time comes for cleanup—balls can be tracked and counted based on the color. Teachers can also spice up traditional playground games by implementing color-based rules or scoring opportunities, getting every student involved and active.

Two sets of playground equipment for schools are available, to ensure students have access to the right sized activity balls for them. Choose the Lower-Elementary pack for your youngest students or the Upper-Elementary pack for older elementary school players.

Institutional Durability

Designed for play on hard and sort surfaces alike, each of these balls was built to take the beating of regular instructional abuse. Students can dribble basketballs on blacktop, kick soccer balls on grass, throw footballs on dirt, and serve up volleyballs on your gym floor—no matter the surface, these balls will weather it with flying colors.

The construction of each ball was designed with younger players in mind, and therefore offers uncompromising resilience throughout. From butyl bladders to nylon windings, to three-ply paneling, and beyond, no corners were cut during the assembly of these balls, which means longevity for your PE program and the students who will learning within it.

In addition to inherent durability, these packs also come with VersaBag™ mesh bags (4 ea.), for added protection. Small-gauge mesh protects balls from abuse and preserves their construction, whether carrying or stowing balls. A cord closure with convenient slide lock is easy to operate, yet highly protective. XX-Large size holds 23 volleyballs or 16 basketballs.

Gopher Rubber Playground Ball Pack Options

Gopher Rubber Playground Ball Packs are available 2 sizes.

  • Sizes
    • Lower-Elementary, 52 Pieces
    • Upper-Elementary, 52 Pieces
  • Each pack includes:
    • Rainbow® Performer™ Basketballs, Set of 12
    • Rainbow® Performer™ Footballs, Set of 6
    • Rainbow® Performer™ Volleyballs, Set of 6
    • Rainbow® Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls, Set of 6
    • Rainbow® Utility Balls, Set of 12
    • Gopher Tetherballs, Set of 6
    • VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bags, 4 ea