Gopher QuikShot Disc Golf Discs

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Excellent all-around disc, constructed for years of long-lasting performance.

A “no-frills,” perfectly-designed way to teach the fundamentals of disc golf to your students. Three disc options are ideal for any length approach, with varying rim widths and all-weather grips to facilitate confidence when throwing.


  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Rim width: 1.6 cm (driver), 1-1/2 cm (mid-range), .95 cm (putter)
  • Weight: 160-169 grams

Calculate Your Approach

Disc golf is a game of accuracy from varying distances, which means having different disc options to facilitate the approach that works best for achieving par and below. Familiar your students with 3 of the most common disc types, each designed to provide the ideal approach based on distance from the target:

  • Driver excels over long-ranges and flies true-to-throw for better reliability and accuracy out of the tee box. Break out the driver for throws of 70 meters and beyond and watch as discs cover a tremendous amount of ground quickly, bridging the gap between the target and the player. This is also an ideal disc for beginners, since the average hole length for youth disc golf targets is 75 meters, according to the PDGA.
  • Mid-Range is amiable for flights between 50 and 70 meters, and can also be used as a “utility” disc for shorter shots out of the tee box or trickier shots at a closer distance. These discs are also great for attempting special throws or adding finesse to a shot, making them a favorite of developing students.
  • Putter is generally reserved for close approaches of less than 50 meters and tend to fly slower, straighter, and heavier towards the target. The low rim and heft of this disc makes it perfect for an on-target approach even when winds are high or rain is falling, and it gives students more confidence as they seek to sink par and build on their proficiency.

Getting students familiar with each disc golf disc means helping them to address each fundamental aspect of the game: driving, fairway play, and putting. As they become comfortable with the behavior and capabilities of each disc, they’ll learn to better approach each phase of gameplay for a more complete proficiency overall!

Great Grip and Handling

A lower overall disc weight of 160-169 grams makes these disc golf discs much easier to control and handle than heavier options for more advanced players. This lightness, coupled with an overall thinner rim width, means discs are going to travel faster with less momentum behind them, which is ideal for younger students lacking arm strength or a controlled release.

An all-weather grip around the edge of each disc also helps to promote confidence in the approach and release of a throw. Students won’t have to worry about a disc slipping around in their hand as they step up to tee off—they’ll be able to rely on a firm grip that assists them in developing good form and technique.

Gopher QuikShot Disc Golf Disc Options

Gopher QuikShot Disc Golf Discs are available in 3 varieties.

  • Driver
  • Mid-Range
  • Putter