Gopher D-Lite Balls

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You'll be D-Lite-ed at how fun these light cage balls are!

Use these oversized, multipurpose balls with students of all ages! Much lighter than standard cage balls, they add a fun twist to a variety of activities. Durable and washable nylon fabric covers with sturdy double-stitched seams are waterproof, so balls can be used indoors or out.

Inspire Teamwork

The lightweight style of these cage balls creates exciting prospects for a range of traditional team ball games, encouraging cooperative gameplay that’s simply not replicated by other cage balls. Add unique scenarios to class favorites or scale your games up to gigantic proportions—jumbo soccer or big-bounce four square! The large size of these balls means strategy and communication are essential no matter what game you’re playing, helping your kids realize the importance of teamwork.

Build Critical Skills

Watch kids toss, pass, roll, kick, and balance these as they head toward the goal or finish line! Students stay focused and think outside the box while moving the larger balls, which means tapping into critical thinking skills and developing coordination on a larger scale. With numerous cage ball games benefitting from these oversized additions, students will learn techniques and skills across a range of sports.

Big-time Versatility

Easy-to-adjust latex bladder makes it a breeze to create a smaller or larger ball based on the activity. Simply inflate or deflate from the large bladder opening and go!

D-Lite Balls are available in 5 sizes to makes sure you have the perfect option for any cage ball activity. The ball's cover color also serves as its identifier, making it easy to quickly scale any game appropriately. Plus, with a fraction of the weight of normal cage balls, size won’t add the hindrance of weight! Each ball includes 1 latex bladder.

CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs.

Gopher D-Lite Ball Options

Gopher D-Lite Balls are available individually in 5 sizes. Replacement bladders sold separately.


  • 24" dia, Orange (12 oz)
  • 36" dia, Blue (1 lb, 12 oz)
  • 48" dia, Red (3 lb, 7 oz)
  • 60" dia, Green (4 lb, 11 oz)
  • 72" dia, Purple (5 lb, 14 oz)

Replacement Bladders

  • 24-36" dia
  • 48" dia
  • 60" dia
  • 72" dia