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Gopher Ace 2 Star Table Tennis Paddle

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Durable paddle for intermediate table tennis action. 

With a durable pips-in rubber face and foam backing covering a 5-ply hardwood blade, this paddle is ready for the toughest intermediate action! 

Develop Fundamental Skills

Building on fundamental technique, 2 star paddles offer players a straight handle that’s capped in foam, to help support play that’s closer to the table and more fast-paced. Again, the pips-in design emphasizes controlled hitting, to refine the game and create excitement through ongoing volleys.

Easy-to-Use Design

Each version of these PE class paddles offers superior durability thanks to a 5-ply hardwood composition. The layered design keeps the paddle itself lightweight, yet protects against accidental drops and bumps that can occur during fast-paced volleys. They’re more lightweight than molded plastic paddles.

The high-quality rubber face on each paddle is extremely resilient in the face of institutional wear and tear. Superior construction also means rubber won’t peel or curl after extended use. A foam-covered end cap adds to the superb durability.