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Gopher Ace 1 Star Table Tennis Paddle

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Institutional-quality paddles ideal for beginners.

These introductory paddles offer students a durable, easy-to-use design when beginning to play the game. A rubber backing with pips-in rubber face provide a high-class experience. 

Ideal for Building Skills

Our 1 Star paddles have a flared, ergonomic handle that teaches students to appropriately grip and handle the paddle: a foundational skill that will pave the way to better serving, volleying, and returning. A pips-in face slows down incoming balls and deadens shots to help put an emphasis on ball placement and aiming.

Lightweight and Durable

These paddles offer superior durability thanks to a 5-ply hardwood composition. The layered design keeps the paddle itself lightweight, yet protects against accidental drops and bumps that can occur during fast-paced volleys. They are more lightweight than molded plastic paddles.

The high-quality rubber material featured on the face of each paddle is extremely resilient in the face of institutional wear and tear. Superior construction also means rubber won’t peel or curl after extended use.