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GamePlay Soft-Stix Horseshoes

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Soft yet durable foam set can be used indoors or out!

Horseshoes are a fun, easy tossing game! And this kids horseshoe set for PE makes throwing easier than traditional metal horseshoes. These softer horseshoe options, which are great for players of all ages!

How to Play

Horseshoes is an easy-to-play game that can be played in teams or individually. Take turns tossing these shoes, trying to get the open part of the horseshoe wrapped around the stake. Ringers are worth 3 points, leaners are worth 2. If there are no ringers or leaners, the person who throws the horseshow closest to the stake earns a point, as long as the horseshoe is within a shoe’s length of the stake. If 1 player rings the stake and the other rings on top of the first show, then player 2 gets the 3 points. The first player to 15 wins.

Made for Beginners

These horseshoes have been designed specifically with beginners in mind. They are made of a lightweight polyurethane, which makes tossing easy for all ages. Their polyurethane foam removes the intimidation factor associated with metal horseshoes, and also allows them to be used indoors on gym floor surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

Each set also comes with 2 foam stakes that feature an easy-to-use stand. Shoes are colored red and blue to make team identification easy.