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GamePlay InstaToss Set

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Start backyard games in an instant with easy-to-use, one-piece boards!

Bring a classic backyard game into gym class! These heavy-duty rotomolded plastic boards will never rust or crack, allowing your students to have fun with beanbag games for years. A molded-in pocket for the beanbags prevents them from falling to the ground and wearing out.

Easy to Use

Without any folding legs or handles, these boards are extremely easy to set up, and you don’t have to worry about those legs folding in upon impact with the bags. Our only one-piece bean bag boards we have ensure you’ll never lose any parts or have to deal with malfunctioning legs. Other boards on the market have moving parts such as handles or feet, which can cause the boards to collapse or shift during play. This one-piece design avoids these problems.

Carrying handles on each board make it easy to move these boards from storage to the play area and back. The boards and bags are colored red and blue to make scoring and team identification extremely easy for players.

Built to Last

Made with a rotomolded plastic, these boards will never crack or rust. The pocket (or “hole”) is molded into the board, catching and holding any beanbags that fall into it. This means you won’t have to lift up boards to retrieve made shots, or worry about the bags wearing themselves out or getting dirty by coming into contact with the ground as often.

Rubber feet allow the boards to maintain stability during indoor use, even on slick surfaces, but the plastic construction of the board allows it to be used indoors or out. Each board measures 34”L x 24”W x 12”H and weighs 13 lb.

Included Components

Each pack includes 2 boards (1 ea red, blue), 8 bean bags (4 ea red, blue), 1 carrying bag, and activity instructions. The instructions feature diagrams and guidelines for singles and doubles games, as well as a table that provides the suggested distance from board to board by age.