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GamePlay EZToss Set

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Setup and storage of your favorite ladder toss game just became easy!

Our best ladderball set for teaching accuracy and depth perception, EZToss is a student-favorite activity that never gets old! Take turns tossing team-colored bolos onto 1 of 3 color-coded bars, each worth a different point value. When the game is done, ladders fold down with no pinch points for convenient, compact storage. 

Numerous Game Options

Ladderball is instantly recognizable to many students, presenting an activity that can quickly be coordinated and played by your whole class. Included activity instructions come with diagrams showing proper court setup and player positions to help you get started quickly.

Traditional ladder toss can be played as singles or doubles, with teams racing to see who can reach 21 points first. Different colored rungs on the 3-rung ladder represent different point totals—Red is 3, White is 2, and Blue is 1. Color and point associations help students to quickly add up their totals, training math skills and encouraging strategy as students seek to hit 21 points exactly.

Activity instructions also give you several different gameplay options, allowing you to change the difficultly level or the fundamentals of the game to keep things fresh. For example, you can change point values for each ladder rung to make the game longer or shorter. Move the ladders further apart to increase difficulty or push them closer for younger students.

Ladder toss is a great activity that can be enjoyed by players from ages 2 and up!

Easy Folding Design

Unlike single-unit constructions that offer no portability accommodations, this ladder toss game is designed to break down when not in use, to pack away and be stored for next time. Moreover, unlike other completely disassembled options, it remains semi-constructed to cut down on setup time—just unfold it and lock rungs in place via a pin system to get started.

Ladders also feature hinge legs that fold out to provide additional stability on uneven surfaces or in the grass. Even when incoming bolos hit the rungs, the entire structure will stay upright to receive them without wavering.

Quality Equipment Construction

Constructed with PVC tubing, ladders offer maximum durability and superior stiffness, to ensure bolos are able to properly hang on each run. PVC tubing is also superbly strong against UV fading and weathering, making this the perfect outdoor game set.

Set includes 2 ladders and 6 ladderball bolos. Unfolded, ladders measure 4"W x 37"H x 24"D; folded they measure 24"W x 18"H x 3"D). Ladders are made of durable 1.25” dia PVC tubing and weigh 7 lb each.