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GamePlay AlterToss Beanbag Board

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Alter your next beanbag game with customizable 3-hole boards!

Take your next corn hole game to a higher level by adding an accuracy challenge! Unique design allows players to open or close the covers in any configuration for different scoring options. Covers twist and lock in place and attach to the board with a strong, rubber strap. Durable, textured plastic top makes boards less slick than other plastic boards often used for bean bag toss games. Features folding legs and a folding side handle for easy storage and transportation.

Exciting Gameplay Options

Unlike traditional cornhole boards that feature a single scoring hole, players can customize this board to have 1, 2, 3, or no holes, to create a bevy of different gameplay styles and difficulties! 3 removable hole covers open or block 3 different holes on the face of the board, allowing the board to be altered in a flash—a twist and lock design facilitates removal or placement in one fluid motion. When capped, holes will be inaccessible to oncoming beanbags.

Boards come with activity instructions for 3 games to get started. One game is AlterToss Baseball. It’s a great game for 2 teams of 1-2 players. Place the boards on opposite ends of the playing area and open all 3 holes. Each team gets 4 beanbags. The first team tosses all of its beanbags and tallies its score. Then the second team does the same. Play continues until all 9 innings are complete. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

All games require strategy and communication when played in teams. With every variation on this classic beanbag toss style, students will need to work on their communication, as well as hand-eye coordination skills!

Easy Transport and Setup

Boards are lightweight and easy to pick up and move. Folding legs allow them to be folded flat for easy storage. When it’s time to set up and play, quickly fold legs out, making sure boards are propped up to the proper angle.

You can also quickly pick and arrange boards at lengths optimal for your players. Older students are able to put more loft and power under their tosses, which deems boards be placed further apart. Younger students will require boards closer together to boost their confidence as they aim for the target(s).

Quality Equipment

A durable, textured plastic top makes these corn hole boards less slick than other plastic boards, which means bags will stay where they land instead of sliding off. Both boards are also red, marked with a blue "V" to give players a visual reference to the location of the holes and the best place to try and hit the board.

Beanbags are also built to stand up to institutional wear at a high level. They’re pellet-filled with a nylon cover, featuring a seam sewn inside instead of on the outside for additional longevity.

Complete Set includes with 2 boards and eight 6” beanbags with carrying bag. Bean bags are team colored red and blue (4 each). Boards measure 36”L x 24”W x 12”H.