Frisbee Heavyweight Discs

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A great all-weather disc.

When you’re going for distance, there’s no more reliable disc—even in windy conditions. Larger diameter and heavier weight are great for older students.


  • Size: 11” dia
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Great for ages 12 and up

Our Heaviest Frisbee Brand Disc

Weighing an astounding 200 g, this hefty disc is designed for use in any weather conditions by older, more experienced players. The low profile, 11” dia gives it the ability to remain stable and strong as it glides, without being impacted by wind or rain. Sturdy plastic also means incredible resilience in any environment, giving you dependable play for years to come, even in the face of institutional wear.

Great Over Distance

These discs are built to go the distance—literally! Heavier weight and larger size add up to a disc that will strive to stay in motion once you put it in motion, which means you can expect tremendous distance after every release. Break out these Frisbee golf discs for long drives out of the tee box or set your class up for a long-distance throwing challenge, to see who can get the most glide out of a single throw. Because of its consistency over expansive stretches, it’s also ideal for helping advanced players practice accuracy for longer fairway drives.

Frisbee Heavyweight Disc Options

Frisbee Heavyweight Discs are available Individually or in a Set of 6.

  • Individual Disc
  • Set of 6 Discs