FootFidget Standing Desk Conversion Kit

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Convert your seated desk into a standing desk with a fidget buster quickly and easily!

Patented desk conversion & FootFidget attachment allows schools to replace short desk legs with the longer leg extension kits to create a standing desk with a fidget buster at great value! The 24" leg extenders will raise desk heights up to 41"H, while the 19"L leg extenders raise the desk height up to 35"H. The dynamic footrest easily snaps onto the 4 legs, providing an ergonomically correct position for fidgeting. Fidgeting provides a calming effect with increased focus for students. Discreet fidget busters offer quiet use to minimize distractions. To order the correct size, measure the outside dia on the legs of your current desk. 19” leg extenders (6-1/4 lb) come in 1”dia. 24” offered in 1" dia (7-1/4 lb) or 7/8” dia (6-3/4 lb).