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Fit-N-Spin Pack

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Students take the lead by spinning the wheel to choose their next move!

One student spins to determine the activity the class will perform. Quickly change the activity template with the spinner's handy mushroom plug. Activities focus on heath related fitness, skill related fitness, nutrition, sports, and locomotor skills. Hang the durable spinner on the wall, set on the floor, or place on the Fit-N-Spin stand (sold separately). Stand slots store additional activity templates. Available in a Rainbow Pack of spinners or individual blue with all 6 sets of templates. Templates and spinners also sold separately. Spinner is 18"L x 10"W x ¾”H. Stand is 24"W x 42½"H x 20"D.

Health Related Fitness activity templates focus on muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio, and flexibility.

Skill Related Fitness activity templates focus on agility, balance, reaction time, speed, power, and coordination.

Nutrition activity templates focus on protein, grains, dairy, vegetables, fruit, and MyPlate. Each template pairs an exercise with an item from a particular food group.

Sports activity templates focus on teaching basic skills for basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, volleyball, and floor hockey.

Locomotor Skills activity templates focus on walking, skipping, jumping, hopping, side-sliding, leaping, and galloping.