EZ Strike Tetherball

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Softer and lighter oversized tetherball trainer takes the intimidation out of the game.

Incredibly soft and velvety stitched foam cover helps younger players develop confidence as they learn the nuances of tetherball. Oversized, 10? dia ball design provides a larger striking space. Soft, elastic loop for rope connection is safer than the traditional metal carabineer. Easily detaches for use indoors and out, and storage. Includes 8?L nylon rope.

Oversized Design

The best option for beginners, the EZ Strike Tetherball is easy to hit thanks to its larger 10" dia circumference. Larger ball is easier to track as it travels around the tether pole and allows for a larger margin of error when it comes to anticipating the swing path. Hand/eye coordination is also easier for younger students and a direct hit isn't needed to send the ball back to the other player. Also available in standard 8" dia ball for Official play.

The brighter color of this beginner tetherball also makes it easier to see as it's traveling around the pole. Coupled with the oversize design, students will have no trouble positioning themselves appropriately for a return hit.

Soft and Safe Construction

Though larger in size, this tetherball is also lighter in weight (just 6.5 oz) and won't sting students as they hit it back and forth. Stitched foam-rubber construction dissipates blows to channel energy into the ball and not back at the user, eliminating feedback that can sting. Grippy texture on the exterior of the ball also makes it easy to handle when play stops or is started.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Use the ball indoors or out without fear of damaging its soft exterior?it's durable enough for any environment! It's recommended to be stored indoors and can easily be removed to take it inside when play time is over. Includes an 8'L rope and a carbineer for easy attaching.