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DuraHoopPlus Hoops

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The thickest hoop on the market lasts for years and will never kink!

A thicker yet flexible wall prevents this durable hoop from kinking, unlike others that are damaged when bent or stepped on. A fused design, paired with additional thickness makes this our best!

Extra Thickness for Extra Durability

At 3 mm thick, this is our thickest hoop meaning it will stand up to the roughest use and abuse! Use it across multiple classes day after day, use it as a goal or target, use it indoors or outside on rough surfaces… whatever you use it for, it won’t kink or snap!

Safe Design

These hoops are made with extrusion-molded polyethylene, which means the plastic is pushed through a mold, formed into its round shape, then fused. Other hoops are usually stapled together, with a label placed on top of the staple. But over time, those labels and staples come apart, causing the hoop to break and potentially injure students. A fused design completely eliminates staples so everyone stays safe!

This molded design also ensures there will be no weak points in the hoop. This means any chance of breakage is drastically decreased so students can play away!

Size and Color Versatility

Having Rainbow colors gives teachers an extremely easy way dividing classes up into different relay groups or activities. Quickly assign teams by color, created color-coded activities, and more.  Their brightness also ensures they will be seen from far away, whether class is indoors or out, on pavement or in long grass.

Three sizes provide teachers with additional options to customize their activities and accommodate different ages. Smaller hoops are great for younger students or for more difficult target games, while larger hoops are perfect for older and larger students or for easier target games.

DuraHoopPlus Hoop Options

DuraHoopPlus Hoops are available in Rainbow Sets of 12 in 3 sizes.

  • 24”
  • 30”
  • 36”