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DuraHoop Revolution Hoops

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A revolutionary design makes these reinforced hoops the absolute strongest hoop you'll find!

Our solid, one-piece extruded hoops provide unbeatable durability and are thicker than any other hoop you can buy! The unique reinforcement ensures structural integrity, even after years of routine use. Its fused design is safer than standard stapled hoops and will last for years.

Safe and Durable Design

Traditional hoops are typically held together by staples that are then covered with labels. However, after a lot of use, those labels tend to wear off and the staples can come loose, which means the hoops break and have a higher change of cutting or scratching students. DuraHoop’s fused design ensures they will not come apart and eliminate sharp staples!

It’s not just the fused design that ensures long-lasting use. The thickness and heaviness of these hoops makes them kink-proof and unable to bend. A cross design on the inside helps to make this the strongest hoop you’ll find on the market, able to hold up to rough institutional use for many years. Beginners will appreciate the heaviness of the interior support, as it makes the hoop move more slowly to aid in teaching the correct movements.

A Fun, Versatile Workout

Kids using the hoop will get a great workout without even knowing it! While hooping, they will engage a wide variety of muscles, including abs, obliques, and back muscles. Strengthening these muscle groups is extremely important for kids, as it provides a stable base for gross and fine motor skills. Hooping also raises their heart rate to provide an aerobic workout.

There are also many games that incorporate hoops. You might set up a version of musical chairs where the kids jump into a hoop rather than sitting down. The hoops can be placed closer or farther away to adjust the level of difficulty.

Multiple Sizes and Colors

DuraHoop Revolution Hoops are available in 3 sizes, the smallest of which is great for younger students and difficult target games, while the largest of which is great for older students and easier target games. Rainbow Sets allow teachers to easily separate their students into groups for team or relay activities by color. The bright Screamin’ Orange Sets are easily visible for target games inside and out.

DuraHoop Revolution Hoop Options

DuraHoop Revolution Hoops are available in Rainbow and Screamin’ Orange Sets of 12 in 3 sizes:


  • Rainbow
  • Screamin’ Orange


  • 24”
  • 30”
  • 36”