Deluxe Recess Pack with Cart

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Our top-of-the-line products, with our best cart to store it all!

Top quality products and a superior selection of equipment give students endless opportunities to enjoy themselves when the recess bell rings. Teachers can easily roll everything out on a cart, giving students full access to anything they could want while they spend their time staying active outdoors. This pack features our most durable, resilient equipment options!


  • This pack features footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, rubber playground balls, cones and markers, jump ropes, throwing discs, and more!
  • There are enough options to keep kids excited each and every day for recess, keeping their activities fresh and open to change based on the wide variety of equipment.
  • This pack’s equipment is sized to accommodate a wide age range of students and ensure properly-sized equipment.
  • Equipment in this pack is suggested for students from elementary age to junior and high school levels.

Perfect for Recess

Featuring 93 pieces of equipment, specially selected to keep kids moving and active during recess, there’s no shortage of opportunities for fun and excitement within this pack. A bevy of balls pace the way for traditional playground games, while jumping ropes and hoops are ideal for fitness activities, while cones and markers make it possible to set up friendly competitions. If your students can dream it, this pack can deliver it!

Watch as fast-paced, friendly matches of touch football spring to life or individual basketball players practice their shooting technique—this cart supports enough equipment for everyone to do their own thing or for groups to play together. Cones and markers even support large-scale group play in an organized fashion.

The great thing about everything included is that it’s ready to stand up to the institutional wear and tear of recess. Where other playground equipment for schools might succumb to outdoor conditions or fail under the duress of heavy abuse, these products will stand strong and continue to delivery superior performance and playability to students.

Storage and Transportation

Everything included within this pack consolidates neatly onto the industry’s best recess storage cart (included). The cart features all terrain wheels and swivel casters, allowing it to easily traverse indoor and outdoor surfaces on the way to and from storage closets. Its sturdy steel construction means it’ll weather any detractors that might compromise lesser carts, to remain strong and sturdy so long as you need it.

When it comes to housing equipment, this cart has a place for everything! Ball racks, rope hooks, equipment baskets, and a bottom shelf hold everything included within the pack, displaying it for easy visibility and access by students. Moreover, the cart is accessible from all four sides, preventing overcrowding as students vie for their desired recess equipment. Cleanup is also made simple and efficient, since everything has its own space.

Each pack includes:

  • QuikSelect™ Jump Ropes, Set of 18 (6 Ea 6'L, 8'L, 16'L)
  • Rainbow® DuraHoop™ Plus 30” dia Hoops Set of 12
  • Rainbow® ClassicCoat™ Dodgeballs, 8.25” dia Set of 12
  • Rainbow® Utility Balls Set of 6
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Basketballs Set of 6
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Footballs Set of 6
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Soccer Balls Set of 6
  • UltraPlay™ Tetherballs 2 Ea
  • Rainbow® Vinyl Spots Set of 12
  • Rainbow® Vinyl Cones, 12”H Set of 12
  • Titan® All-Terrain Recess Rack with Plastic Bins 1 Ea