Cooperative Maze Game

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Challenge students to maneuver the colored balls around or into the matching holes!

Made with a durable vinyl tarp, this team maze game has an easy-to-grip rope edge and challenges students to work together and problem solve. Each set includes a maze, a set of 6 Rainbow low-bounce balls, a mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.

Problem Solving

By solving a maze together, students will learn teamwork, problem solving, patience, communication, and cooperation. Students work together to move a ball around the holes in the tarp. Patience is important, because rushing makes the ball more likely to fall off the edge or down a hole.

Students each hold a section of the tarp and work together to lift it up or down to move the balls. They must be able to effectively communicate and synchronize their movements to be successful. A rope cord sewn into the edges provides a slight lip, which helps students keep balls on the tarp and keep a good grip on it.

Variety of Activities

There are many different ways this game can be used, with instructions included in each set. For example, you could have students move 1 ball from one side of the tarp to the other without it falling off the side or the hole. You could add multiple balls to increase the difficulty.

The game is appropriate for students of all ages and can accommodate up to 25 at once.

Cooperative Maze Game Options

Cooperative Maze Game is available as s set. Additional balls (set of 6) sold separately.

  • Cooperative Maze Game
  • Additional balls, 3-1/2” dia