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ClassPlus Before & After School Packs

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Our most affordable ClassPlus Before & After School pack!

Always have enough equipment to keeps kids busy and moving and always excited for the next day! This pack includes equipment to keep kids moving on the playground or, when weather doesn't cooperate, in the safety and comfort of your gymnasium. Entertain up to 100 students at any one time!  


  • This pack comes with activity balls, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, discs, bases, bats, plastic balls, ropes, horse shoes, cones, and storage.
  • This pack gives your students many options to keep them moving and having fun before and after school!
  • This pack’s equipment is sized to accommodate a wide age range of students and ensure properly-sized equipment.
  • Equipment in this pack is suggested for students from elementary age to Jr. high school levels.

Keep Students Active

Every piece of equipment included within this pack is designed to get students active and moving, and keep them that way! The sheer number of items and great variety of everything included means students can play a new game each day, expose themselves to new play concepts, and enjoy staying active and excited with access to an infinite number of play possibilities. Whether it’s a free play day or you’re putting together a structured game for multiple students to engage in, this pack will support great fun and excitement, no matter what shape your activities take!

CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs.

Each pack includes:

  • Rainbow DuraBall, 8.5” dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Bounce Balls, 3.5” dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Rubber Basketballs, Size 6, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Rubber Footballs, Size 4, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Rubber Soccer Balls, Size 4, Set of 6
  • Rainbow SofTex Soccer Balls, Size 5, Set of 6
  • Rainbow SoffPlay Footballs, Size 4, Set of 6
  • Rainbow AirRanger Plastic Discs, 9” dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Koala Foam Discs, 9” dia, Set of 6
  • Stay-n-Play Indoor/Outdoor Bases, Official Size, Set of 4
  • Gopher Phenom Blue Bats, 30”L, 2 Ea
  • Rainbow ResisDent Balls, 4” dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Polypropylene Jump Ropes, 8’L, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Polypropylene Jump Ropes, Set of 12 (6 ea 8', 9’L)
  • Soft-Stix Horseshoes, 1 Set
  • Rainbow Plastic Cones, 12”H, Set of 6
  • VersaBag Mesh Bags, 4 Ea