Card Game Set

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A simple game of cards keeps students happy and honing their cognitive skills!

Classic card games require little more than a deck of cards and a flat surface, which means they can easily be played almost anywhere! Some card games entail a great deal of strategy, as well as an understanding of statistics and probability, helping students develop an array of cognitive skills. Playing cards feature a high-quality linen finish for a professional feel. Pack contains 6 card varieties, as well as a Set of 12 dice.

Numerous Game Possibilities

Included within this set are 6 types of cards, each suited for a unique game and endless game variations, keeping students engaged and entertained far beyond the first deal. Regular playing cards and large face varieties are great for classic games of Go Fish, War or Spades. Decks specific to Old Maid, Skip-Bo and Uno introduce students to these strategy-driven classics. The included cribbage board is also a great introduction to this classic strategy counting game. Finally, a Set of 12 dice are great for card games that involve probability and chance components.

Improve Motor Skills

Cards are portable and accessible to people of all ages, and playing cards can help both adults and children improve their fine and gross motor skills. Shuffling and dealing helps to quicken reflexes. Card games encourage hand-eye coordination and help stimulate the mind, as you’re forced to consider probability, the state of the game, and more variables. Card games also spur problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and strategy skills, forcing students to think before they act! Despite all of this, classic card games remain fun and engaging, correlating excitement and learning together.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Complete Set includes:

  • Large Face Playing Cards, 1 ea
  • Standard Playing Cards, 1 ea
  • Old Maid, 1 ea
  • Skip-Bo, 1 ea
  • Uno. 1 ea
  • Three-Player Cribbage Board, 1 ea
  • Dice, Set of 12