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CharacterEd Rubber Utility Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6
Tough, three-ply rubber balls for any activity!

Made to be kicked and used in rough playground games, these utility balls are perfect for just about any activity. Each one features a positive character trait that encourages students to play with sportsmanship.

Character Reminders

Every time a student plays with one of these CharacterEd utility balls, they will be reminded of an important character trait they should be working to embody. These traits include respect, honesty, sportsmanship, confidence, integrity, and tolerance. The trait is printed on one side of the ball, with its definition printed on the other side.

Use these balls for any activity, whether it’s a traditional game like kickball or a game that works around the trait printed on the ball. For example, you could add a twist to kickball by stating that any time the ball is caught in the outfield, students must gather together and discuss the word on the ball. You can continually switch out balls so different traits are constantly being discussed.

Great Texture

This ball’s durable construction allows it to last longer than other utility balls on the market. Its construction and texture make it a perfect all-around playground ball that holds up to long-term heavy use. Its fabric winding and three-ply rubber design makes it thicker than most playground balls, while a tacky grip makes for easier passing and catching.

Fun, Vibrant Colors

Our 6 Rainbow colors are the perfect tool for teachers to split their students into teams and groups to practice different skills. The bright colors also add a sense of fun to all gym class activities.