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CharacterEd Rubber Soccer Balls

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Durable molded-rubber balls get an extra kick from CharacterEd® values!

Tough enough for play on any surface, these soccer balls feature a variety of printed character traits to remind students how to respect others during play. Premium nylon windings and an interior butyl bladder help insure optimal shape and air retention.

Important Character Traits

Made with the same construction as our Performer soccer ball, these CharacterEd® balls simply add printed character traits on each ball, such as tolerance, integrity, confidence, sportsmanship, honesty, and respect.

The balls can be used as regular soccer balls for drills and games, or you can incorporate the traits into your activity of choice. For example, you could have students practicing kicking into a net with a goalie, and when they make the goal, they read the character trait and give an example of a time when they have displayed that trait themselves.

Quality Construction

Premium nylon windings inside the ball enhance its durability and shape retention while protecting the bladder. That bladder provides the ball with lasting shape and air retention, especially when compared to latex bladders, which tend to leak over time and make the ball less durable. The rubber cover features a tacky grip which makes for better foot control.

Rainbow® Colors

Having these multiple colors is a great way to divide students into groups to work on specific soccer drills. For example, students with yellow balls can practice juggling, while students with orange balls practice shooting.

CharacterEd® Rubber Soccer Ball Options

CharacterEd® Rubber Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.

  • Size 4 Intermediate
  • Size 5 Official