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CharacterEd Rubber Footballs

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Unit:  Set of 6
Teach important lessons, on and off the field.

These footballs are made with a colorful, durable rubber that’s designed to last for years of use. Give your students football fun while teaching them important character traits that they will remember for life!

Promote Good Character

All footballs in these sets display different character traits and definitions. Traits include: Respect, Confidence, Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Tolerance.

The balls can be used in regular football games and activities, or can be used in special character-based games. For example, you could have students playing catch and have them read the word and definition out loud, giving an example of the trait. Groups eventually switch balls to different traits.

Performer Football

This is the same ball as our Performer™ football, but with the traits printed on them. It has been designed for a great, grippy feel thanks to molded, deep pebbling and raised molded laces that give students better grip on the ball. The Performer’s rubber construction is backed with nylon windings for increased strength, which lasts longer than other balls on the market and is designed to resist cracking. It will not become hard over time.

Rainbow® Colors

The 6 bright colors of these balls make it easy for students to track them as they fly through the air. They also create easier classroom organization, as teachers can divide students up into different drills based on ball color.