Body Fat and Muscle Replicas

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Fat and muscle models encourage students to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle.

Leave a dramatic impression on your students! These soft vinyl replicas accurately represent the weight and volume of muscle and fat.

Accurate Replicas

Each three-dimensional visual replica realistically portrays body fat and muscle. The muscle replica is designed to show the muscle configuration developed through exercise. The fat replica is soft and pliable. Both represent accurate weight and volume of real muscle and fat. Showing these to students will make a lasting impression and motivate them to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Quality Plastic

All replicas are constructed of a long-lasting vinyl plastic. This gives them a realistic feel, with the fat cells being squishy and the muscle feeling more solid.

Body Fat and Muscle Replica Options

Body Fat and Muscle Replicas are available in complete sets or individually.

  • Complete Set of 3
  • 5 lb Fat Replica
  • 5 lb Muscle Replica
  • 1 lb Fat Replica