Bison Ultimate Fixed-Height Playground Basketball Systems

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Permanent, no-maintenance systems are the ultimate in durability and safety!

Featuring our deepest setback depth, thickest post, and strongest construction, this Bison basketball system is the gold standard for top-tier quality! Trust that it will support all levels of student play, while keeping your players safe. Two backboard sizes and 3 options give you the opportunity to outfit your outdoor courts with the ideal hoop system.

Our Safest Outdoor System

Sporting a massive 5’ deep setback, this Bison outdoor basketball system is the safest we offer! Because the overhang of the backboard and goal is so great, as compared to the placement of the post, your students won’t have to fear crashing into the pole when they go in for a swift layup or jump into the action chasing a rebound. In conjunction with its exceptional durability, this system is regarded as a premier solution to providing the best and safest outdoor basketball hoops.

  • In-ground systems are more stable than portable systems, as they’re installed in the ground to stand firm against all levels of play. Unlike portable systems, there’s no risk of tipping over.
  • 5’ setback area keeps the rim a safe distance from the base. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, however they require more space.

Great Durability and Reliability

With the biggest setback of our outdoor hoops also comes the thickest posts! Measuring an astounding 6’, these posts are by far the most durable in our inventory, supporting even the highest levels of fast-paced play, along with the harshest elements. Without any need for maintenance, you can rely on the system to function seamlessly and hold up durably over the long term. Though this is our highest priced outdoor system, its incredible longevity and permanency make it our longest lasting, with the highest return on investment, especially in institutional settings.

  • Thick, 6" square steel tubing, although heavier, is the strongest post in our assortment, complete with a powder-coated finish, which creates a harder surface that’s tougher than conventional paint and is longer lasting and more resistant to chipping, scratching, or fading in outdoor conditions.
  • Double rim goal looks like 2 rims welded together. This design provides a stronger, more durable goal as compared to single rim goals. However, while a double rim goal is stronger, it is tougher to play on, as the playability is different than a single rim, which is used for competitive play. Many will argue that practicing and playing on double rims will perfect your shooting technique, as there is little room for error!
  • Front, direct mounting goal is installed directly on to the backboard and offers no flexibility or “play.” This provides the most durability to the goal attachment.

Two Size Options

Choose from 2 backboard options for this monolithic outdoor system! 60" or 72" steel backboards provide an expansive area for a full-level of play, including bank shots and layups. The 72" size is the official size for competitive play, making it a great option for coaches looking to bridge the gap between outdoor practice and indoor play.

The 72" backboard is also available with perforated steel, which is ideal in windy locations as the perforations allow increased airflow through the board. This option also allows for a truer ball bounce that behaves as it would during competitive games.

Bison Ultimate Fixed-Height Playground Basketball System Options

Bison Ultimate Fixed-Height Playground Basketball Systems are available in 3 sizes. Padding sold separately.

  • Systems
    • 60”W, 500 lb
    • 72”W, 525 lb
    • 72”W, Perforated Steel, 525 lb
  • Padding
    • Pole Padding, Black
    • Padding for 60”W
    • Padding for 72”W