Bike Racks

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Keep bikes secure with a steel bike rack!

Give students a place to secure their bikes without having to take them indoors or lock them away in storage. Place bike racks outside of schools, on playgrounds, in parks, and anywhere else that might be a destination for biking. Heavy duty construction not only keeps bikes safe, it ensures racks will stand up to constant weathering. 

Keep Bikes Safe and Organized

Schools that offer bike storage for student’s bikes encourage kids to ride their bikes more often! Racks offer the peace of mind and security that comes with leaving your bike outside during the school day or for a prolonged period of time.

Bikes can be parked with the front tire between the open slots and students can easily attach their bike lock to anywhere on the polls to secure their bike in place. Schools won't have to worry about students leaving their bikes laying around all over outside of the entrance—a bike rack makes it known to everyone that there is a clear, organized space to use for easy access to put bikes in and take them out.

These racks are not mounted into the ground, so they are portable and can be moved from entrance spot to playground or anywhere else where they are needed.

Supreme Construction

Never fear for the safety of bikes locked up to these racks! Racks are constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steel with an innovative design that allots each bike docked its own space. A-shaped frames are constructed of 1-5/8" OD tubing, with complementing uprights constructed of ?" OD steel tubing. The rack will resist corrosion and is designed to stand up to sun, wind, rain, snow, and any other weather conditions.

2 Models, 2 Sizes

Racks come in Single or Double proportions. Single racks have one side that allows bikes to be docked. This option works great for schools that want to place the rack directly up against a wall to keep them out of the way. They come in two different lengths: 5'L, which holds 5 bikes and 10'L, which holds 10 bikes.

Double racks enable bikes to be stored on both sides of the fixture. The rack itself takes up similar space to Single racks, but can store double the amount of bikes. Place Double racks in an open area that’s accessible on both sides for maximum effect. It also comes in two lengths: 5'L, which holds 10 bikes and 10'L, which holds 20 bikes.

Bike Rack Options

Bike Racks are available in 2 lengths and 2 capacities.

  • Single. 17”W x 30”H
    • 5’L, 50 lb, Holds 5 Bikes
    • 10’L, 100 lb, Holds 10 Bikes
  • Double. 26”W x 30”H.
    • 5’L, 65 lb, Holds 10 Bikes
    • 10’L, 110 lb, Holds 20 Bikes