Ballo Stools

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Sleek, unique design makes this the most engaging seat you can buy!

Two air-filled, dimpled domes contour to the body and provide a comfortable, slightly instable surface, similar to a stability ball, that also open the hips to promote circulation and posture. Its tilt and rocking motion also engage the core, legs, and spine and allow for light activity while sitting. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly plastic that contains no PVCs. Adjust the firmness of each dome to match each individual's preference. A counterweighted base keeps it upright when lightly hit and stationary when not in use. Hidden handles in the top make it easy to transport and store. Ballo arrives inflated but includes an air pump to adjust inflation levels of each dome. 300 lb weight capacity. 24-1/2"H x 18"W; 13-1/2 lb each. Available in a Set of 4 (1 ea Sky Blue, Gray, Blue, and Black) or individually.