BallBasix Wide-Base Ball Racks

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Classic steel basketball racks and carts hold either 12 or 16 full-size basketballs.

Perfect presentation makes it easy to recognize and grab balls for any activity—whether you’re setting up for basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, or another fun-filled game. These basketball carts easily and swiftly wheel from storage to the gym floor and back, and they’re the ideal way to keep balls organized before and after play.


  • 1”dia galvanized steel tubing construction
  • Protective coating adds durability and prevents rusting
  • No exposed bolts
  • 12- Ball or 16-Ball option (official basketballs)
  • Our most affordable ball rack
  • Assembly required

The Perfect Rack

A no-frills design and back-to-basics approach to ball racking makes this rack so appealing for schools, clubs, and recreational facilities. The utilitarian design presents balls in either 3 or 4 tiers, so players can quickly spot exactly what they need to get the activity started. Stock the entire rack with either 12 or 16 of the same ball, or offer players a choice at every tier that maintains the organization of the rack. Because this rack can be accessed from either side, it prevents crowding as well.

Unlike stationary basketball racks and carts, four 2”dia swivel casters allow you to quickly and effectively transport balls to and from storage to the activity area. Balls can be quickly organized for safe and compartmentalized storage, then wheeled to the activity floor for quick access. In reverse, the process means quicker cleanup and more consolidated storage.

Durable Construction

The wear and tear from institutional settings is of no concern to these extremely durable and resilient basketball carts. A 1”dia galvanized steel tubing construction will bear the brunt of daily use, with a protective coating that also prevents rusting and blemishes. Because there are no bolts exposed throughout its entire design, there’s no risk of harm to students or to balls, making this a safe option, as well as a resilient one!

BallBasix Wide-Base Ball Rack Options

BallBasix Wide-Base Ball Racks are available in 2 sizes.

  • 12-Ball Rack (3 tiers), 34”H x 40”L x 9”W, 15 lb
  • 16-Ball Rack (4 tiers), 51-1/2”H x 40”L x 9”W, 18 lb