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BALLance Stability Ball Chairs

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Special "feet" turn this stability ball into a chair so it stays in place!

These stability ball BALLance chairs will make a great addition to your classroom and outdoor learning space! Each stability ball features feet that keeps it in place when not in use. When users sit on the ball, the feet retract into the ball, allowing for freedom to move, balance, and develop core strength.

Made of a durable, burst-resistant material, these stability ball chairs for students accommodate up to 500 pounds. A slight texture on the top provides better traction. Lightweight construction makes it easy for students or teachers to carry the chair around the classroom or in an outdoor learning space. When used outside, wipe off any rocks or dirt to protect indoor tile floors.

Chairs are available in Sets of 6 or individually in a variety of color options. Choose from 5 sizes: Beginner (40 cm), Elementary (45 cm), Jr (55 cm), Secondary (65 cm), and Sr (75 cm). Choose Beginner for students up to 4'3"H, Elementary for 4'3" to 4'8"H, Jr for 4'8" to 5'4"H students, Secondary for 5'5" to 6'H students, and Sr for 6'H+ students.

BALLance Stability Ball Chairs are available in sets or individually, in 5 sizes.

  • Rainbow Sets of 6
    • Elementary, 45 cm
    • Jr, 55 cm
    • Secondary, 65 cm
  • Gray Sets of 6
    • Elementary, 45 cm
    • Jr, 55 cm
    • Sr, 75 cm
  • Individual Sizes
    • Beginner, 40 cm, Green
    • Elementary, 45 cm, Red
    • Elementary, 45 cm, Gray
    • Jr, 55 cm, Blue
    • Jr, 55 cm, Gray
    • Secondary, 65 cm, Black
    • Secondary, 65 cm, Gray