Baggo Beanbag Game

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A lightweight, introductory version of this popular tossing game.

Introduce young students to this wildly popular backyard game! Players take turns tossing twill beanbags at the holes of the target boards to score. The boards nest together to form a storage case with latches and handles.

Easier Storage and Transportation

This is a smaller, more lightweight version of the popular backyard game, corn hole. The game has been known to be very bulky and difficult to move. These boards are a lightweight set with built-in bag storage to make transportation and storage easier than ever.

These boards are easily packed up and then fastened together with latches so they stay shut. Once folded together, they are carried like a briefcase to the storage area. At this point, they can either be leaned against a storage wall or hung on a rack with a convenient wall mounting bracket that comes with the boards. Using this bracket helps to keep the storage floor area clear for other things, which is important when operating with limited space.

Four pockets on the backside of the boards hold the beanbags in place for storage. This means teachers will not have to worry about misplacing the bags because they are always kept with the board.

Convenient Game Play

On each board there are manual score keepers that count up to 21 so students can simply move the pointer to the correct number with each score. Thanks to this convenient feature, students will never have to guess what the score is while playing!

Each board also has front and back leg extensions to prop the boards of the ground. This eliminates a problem with many other beanbag boards, which extend the front edge of the board all the way to the ground, causing confusion as to whether the beanbag is on or off the board. Because the front edge is not supported by the ground, a beanbag on the front edge will either stay on or fall off, without any gray area.

A 20’L measuring cord connects to the front of each board so students won’t have to guess how far apart to set the boards when getting ready to play.

Each set weighs 20 lb and comes with 2 boards, 8 beanbags (4 each of red and blue), a 20’L measuring cord, and a wall mount.