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AssessPro Modified Pull-up Fitness System

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The most convenient and effective way to assess and improve upper-body strength!

Go from storage to pull-ups in no time with the pull-up test system that rolls out and sets up easily with push-pin mechanisms! A soft-grip, foam-padded bar adjusts to users of all sizes quickly and safely. Now, your students will be able to test and develop their arm, shoulder, and back strength more efficiently than ever while still following pull-up test norms.

Build Strength

Students will be able to build up strength in their upper back and core with the help of this system. It’s a great base for users to begin general core strength training and body weight exercises, and to test students in the modified pull up test.

Each student lies down with their back on the mat, arms reached up over their head, gripping the bar. Then, they tighten their core muscles and pull their chest up to the bar as best they can. Return back to start when maximum height has been achieved.

High-End Design

A strong, 1-3/4” metal tubing provides solid frame work for the user, which means no shaking or swaying while it’s being used. Soft foam padding on the pull-up bar keeps the user comfortable, allowing them to focus on the exercise, as does a soft, cushioned back pad. A no-pinch spring collar makes it easy for users to adjust to their specific size.

Flat Storage

The unit folds down flat with a simple pin adjustment, then opens back up and locks into place when needed for use. Once folded, the system features 2 casters for easy transport from storage to the gym and back again. This provides a much easier option than carrying it everywhere!