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AssessPro Curl-Up Mats

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Nylon strips indicate start/stop position, making curl-up tests a breeze!

With this lined, lightweight mat, students will always perform curl-ups with proper technique. A special lightweight 3/8” thick closed-cell foam provides a smooth, stable surface to this sit up mat that prevents sliding during an important FITNESSGRAMĀ®* curl-up test.

Proper Technique

Easily use these mats to ensure students follow proper technique when performing sit ups and curl ups during testing or general exercise. You can hold every student to the same standard throughout the testing, thanks to the movement standard lines printed on the sit up mat.

These printed-on lines have a slight change in texture as compared to the mat, so students know when they have hit the movement standards. Other mats on the market have lines that are simply glued on strips that can be peeled off. The printed-on line here is part of the mat, and cannot be tampered with. The lines come in 3” and 4.5”, which accommodates both shorter and taller users.

A closed-cell 3/8” thick mat provides comfort for the user throughout the testing process, helping them focus on technique rather than comfort.

Convenient Storage

Included with the mats is a cart that can roll a full set of 24 mats from storage to use and back. This makes transportation and setup easier than ever before.

AssessPro Curl-Up Mat Options

AssessPro Curl-Up Mats are available in packs or individually, in Rainbow colors or blue.

  • ClassPlus Mat Packs. Include 24 mats and a Magnus ABS MatMover Cart (60”L x 27.5”W x 38”H handle). Assembly required.
    • Blue, Set of 24
    • Rainbow, Set of 24
  • Individual Mats. 4’L x 2’W x 3/8” thick, 3 lb 5 oz each.
    • Individual Blue
    • Rainbow Set of 6

*FITNESSGRAMĀ® is a registered trademark of The Cooper Institute. There is no formal affiliation between The Cooper Institute and Gopher Sport.