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AlphaDash Set

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It's an all-out dash to collect letters and create a point-worthy word in these alphabet beanbag games!

Add excitement to your spelling games! Players take turns running to a beanbag, turning it over, and choosing to either take the letter (if it works for the word they’re building) or set it back down. Teams then scramble to create a word worth at least 20 points; the point value is printed on each letter. The first team to do so wins! The set includes everything you need to get your game started, plus activity instructions.

Exercise While Spelling

Get your kids thinking and moving at the same time with this fun new game! Scatter beanbags throughout the playing area with letters facing down. Players on each team take turns running to grab a letter, choosing to either bring it back to their team or leave it face down and come back without a letter. You can play with up to 24 players, with 2 to 6 teams playing at once.

The game is great to get students moving and communicating with each other. Players will help each other with letter placement, or to return the letter back to the main pile so they can better set themselves up for a 20-point word.

Versatile Bags

Each bag is a square measuring 5” on all sides, and made of cotton. One side has the AlphaDash logo, and another side has a letter with a scoring number. The set comes with 105 beanbags, allowing for an unlimited number of word possibilities, forcing students to really come together and think about their possible letter combinations.

However, the bags do not just have to be used for these games! Soft beanbags are great tools to introduce tossing and catching, as they are extremely durable and non-intimidating. With numbers and letters on each side, you can easily come up with other types of games not included the instructions to teach in your class.

Complete Set includes 105 beanbags, storage bag, and activity instructions.

Exciting Game Options

There are several games outlined in the included activity instructions.

In Spelling Scamper, all beanbags remain facedown during the game, adding to the anticipation. A player from each team runs to retrieve a beanbag and then places it facedown by his/her team. After each teammate retrieves 12 beanbags, the team flips over all of the beanbags over and spells as many words as they can. The team that spells the most words in a predetermined time wins.

Players learn how to strategize and use math skills during Word Connect. Each team gets 8 beanbags, and teammates will decide together what word they will play. After a player lays down its team’s beanbags and adds up the points, all other teams will perform an exercise (i.e. 5 beanbags leads to 5 jumping jacks). A player from the second team then lays down its word, branching off the first word, as the other teams perform an exercise. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Teams compete to spell the same word in Spelling Scurry. After a teacher announces the word (i.e. HOUSE), a player from each team tries to find a letter needed to spell and runs back to his/her team. Then, the next player goes. The first team to find all of the beanbags to spell the word wins.