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AlleyOop Goals

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The strongest, most versatile goals on the market – now in official height for youth basketball!

Build player confidence when it comes to shooting, tossing, or throwing and watch as students become more comfortable with these skills during game time. Portable basketball goals take the intimidation out of the court and leave only the goal, giving students a singular way to practice accuracy and power control. Different sizes are available for varying skill levels and proficiencies, and goals can be used across a range of activities!

Improve Shooting Accuracy

Accuracy while throwing, tossing, or shooting is a core skill across a variety of sports and games, which makes learning techniques like depth and height estimation paramount for student success. Kids portable basketball goals are the ideal way to instill the mechanics of great shooting accuracy in students! This scaled-back version of a basketball goal puts emphasis on purely developing accuracy by focusing on what it takes to put the ball through the goal.

Though designed for basketball, these goals are also great for numerous other tossing, throwing, or shooting drills that revolve around accuracy. A detachable backboard expands shooting techniques and versatility of the goal. Using the backboard, students can learn to bank shots or use the backboard as a gauge for estimating a shot’s trajectory. Without it, students can perfect their shooting accuracy, or use the goal for a variety of other activities, including beanbag toss, relays, and more.

Numerous Size Options

These shooting goals are available in 4 sizes—8’, 6’, 4’, and 2-1/2’H Jr.—to provide a wide range of options for coaches and PE teachers to choose from when instructing students. Use taller goals to present a maximum challenge for older or more advanced students, or gradually scale back the height for younger or more inexperienced players. Goal heights can also be tailored around games and skills tests, to help raise or lower the difficulty, to boost confidence.

Kids portable basketball goals are also available in Orange and Rainbow colors, and can be used to maximum effect within your lesson planning. Rainbow colors in particular are great for setting up drill stations or for incorporating different point values into games.


  • Thick 1-1/4” steel tubing is more than twice as durable as similar goals on the market!
  • Features a wide square base for superior stability.
  • Rubber feet on the base provide traction and improve stability.
  • Goals can be placed on any surface for quick and easy games or shooting drills.
  • Units simply tip onto 2 wheels for easy transportation from storage to play areas.
  • Removable backboard included; great for teaching bank shots and other accuracy techniques.
  • Pyramid design allows for convenient stacking of goals for storage.

AlleyOop Goal Options

AlleyOop Goals are available in 4 sizes, Individually in Orange, or in 4'H and 6'H Rainbow Sets of 6.

  • Size
  • 8’H
  • 6’H
  • 4’H
  • 2-1/2’H Jr.
  • Color
  • Individual Orange
  • Rainbow Set of 6