Airsoft Balance Boards

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Customizable wobble board transforms any standing desk into a moving experience!

This unique wobble board is constructed of a laminated birch surface supported by four soft rubber cushions, encouraging users to rock back and forth or wobble side to side while using a standing desk. Cushions can be customized to the user's preference by screwing them into pre-drilled holes in the board. Place them at the edges for subtle instability or move them into the center for exaggerated movement and increased core engagement. For an additional layer of adjustability, users can tweak the board's wobble by adding or removing air from the cushions. More air creates a stiffer feel while less air allows for exaggerated movements to improve strength, balance, and concentration. Store up to 6 boards on an aesthetically pleasing and compact rack with a solid birch base and powder-coated steel frame. Each board supports up to 350 lb. Set includes 6 boards and rack. Board is 23"L x 16"W x 4-1/2H; 8 lb. Rack is 23"W x 44"H x 18"D; 17 lb.