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Work out fidgets and increase attention spans with active seating bought from Moving Minds!

sIntroducing active chairs and stools into the classroom gives students an outlet for pent up energy and allows them to focus on the task at hand. From stability ball chairs to domed stools that allow for controlled movement, students can engage core muscles and bust fidgets while soaking up important information in class.

For those looking for a non-traditional seating arrangement to spark student imagination, try our wide array of floor seating options. Convenient to transport and store, these active seats put students low to the floor for breakout sessions, study groups, or reading breaks.

We also offer complete packages for teachers looking to buy active seats for the whole class. Enjoy everything you need for increased classroom performance from a variety of active seating options to convenient storage for when a traditional classroom layout is desired.

Find the best active seating equipment from Moving Minds!