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Active & Healthy Schools Playground Packs

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All the equipment you need to set up each of the 16 playground Activity Zones as outlined in the AHS Program Manual.

Having a wide variety of activities available and enough equipment to perform them is critical to creating an active, safe, and friendly playground. These packs promote the health and physical education curriculum by providing the equipment students need to perform activities and have while they’re doing it. Packs come with everything needed to set up 16 different playground zones.

Zones of Fun

By dividing your playground into designated Activity Zones, you can actively involve up to 150 students in a full selection of organized, self-directed games and activities. With the equipment in this comprehensive pack, you can set up Activity Zones for basketball, jump rope, hoops, bowling, flying discs, scoop and ball toss, tetherball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, volleyball, 4-square, flag football, softball, tennis, soccer, and more.

Each zone provides students with a new depth of playability and encourages them to stay moving for an entire recess period, as well as during before and after school programs. Students can try a new zone every few minutes, one per day, or move in a circuit to keep them engaged at all times. And, with a nearly infinite number of games and game variations at each zone, keeping them engaged and entertained is easy throughout the school year.

Vibrant Equipment

All of the equipment included within these packs is bright and colorful, promoting a non-intimidating prospect for younger students. From hoops to balls, cones to discs, it’s easy to find your favorite color and get playing. Colors also promote better organization amongst larger groups.

Your choice of Screamin Green or Orange equipment also makes it possible to choose equipment that’s easy to spot and exciting to play with. Use Screamin’ Green equipment on blacktop and pavement or rely on Screamin’ Orange on grass and in fields to easily keep track of equipment.

All-Encompassing Packs

Each 369 piece pack contains premium equipment with your choice of Screamin' Green or Screamin' Orange balls and bowling pins, plus cones to mark zone boundaries, equipment storage carts and bags, an inflator, and a megaphone. We've also included the AHS Complete Program Materials Set, and Series One and Two AHS Playground Activity Cards to supplement your Activity Zones.

Active & Healthy Schools Playground Pack Options

Active & Healthy Schools Playground Packs are available in 2 color options.

  • Color Options
    • Pack with Screamin’ Orange Balls/Pins
    • Pack with Screamin’ Green Balls/Pins
  • Each pack includes:
    • Active & Healthy Schools Playground Activities Cards, 2 Sets
    • Active & Healthy Schools Complete Program, 1 Set
    • Basic Shuffleboard Set with Court, 1 Set
    • Rainbow AirRanger Plastic Discs, 9” dia, Set of 18
    • Rainbow DuraHoopPlus Hoops, Set of 24 (12 Ea 30”, 36” dia)
    • Rubber Horseshoes, Set of 8
    • Rainbow WhirlWind, Set of 6
    • QuickTurn Segmented Jump Ropes, Set of 30 (6 Ea 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, 16’L)
    • Beach Balls, 20” dia, Set of 24
    • Rainbow Vinyl Beanbags, 5” sq, Set of 12
    • Gopher 600-Yard Range Megaphone, 1 Ea
    • Rainbow Premiere Bases, Orange, Set of 4
    • SoftiBall Coated-Foam Balls, 6.3” dia, Set 6
    • SoftScore Footballs, Size 3, Set of 12
    • Gopher Victory 1000 Soccer Balls, Size 4, Set of 12
    • Rainbow UltraGrip Foam Baseball Set, 29”L, 1 Set
    • Pressureless Tennis Balls with Bag, Pack of 72
    • Wilson U.S. Open Jr. Tennis Racquets, 23”L, Set of 12
    • UltraNet Portable Net System, 20'W x 61"H, 1 Ea
    • QuickStart Foam Tennis Training Balls, Set of 12
    • Rainbow UltraCatch Scoops with 4” dia balls, Set of 6
    • Standard Electric Inflator, 1 Ea
    • Rubber Basketballs, Set of 12 (6 Ea Size 5, Size 6)
    • Gopher Playground Balls, 5” dia, Red, Set of 3
    • Tetherballs, Set of 6
    • Adjustable Tees, 2 Ea
    • Rainbow DuraBall Playground Balls, 8.5” dia, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Rubber Rings, 6” dia, Set of 12
    • Rainbow Vinyl Cones, 18”H, Set of 12
    • Rainbow Plastic SmartCones, Set of 12
    • Spectrum 2000 Outdoor Replacement Net, 32’L x 36”H, 1 Ea
    • Rainbow VersaBagPlus Mesh Bag, XL, 1 Ea
    • Lockable Totemaster Carts, Half-Size, 3 Ea