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Classroom desks from Moving Minds allow teachers to build their dream classrooms!

Teachers know classroom desks are a crucial part of any learning environment. But whether mobile desks, floor tables, or lap desks are for you is more nuanced. Moving Minds carries a wide variety of desks to cater to any teacher’s unique needs.

  • Configurable desks. These uniquely-shaped tabletops can be arranged in a wider variety of configurations, allowing teachers to change the dynamic between students.
  • Mobile desks. Need to quickly move furniture to the sidelines for physical activity in the classroom? Mobile desks have you covered with high-quality casters for smooth transportation around and even between learning spaces.
  • Floor tables. Low tables allow multiple students to sit comfortably around the desktop on the floor. These learning spaces allow students to take a break from their desks for collaboration.
  • Lap desks. These low desks allow students to set up an impromptu workstation on the fly. They can set up in their favorite nook or corner, fostering stronger attention on the task at hand.

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