ACTION! Ultimania Set

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Ultimate teamwork and ultimate strategy come together in this fun variation of Ultimate Frisbee!

No out of bounds and scoring from both sides of the goal keep these tossing games packed with constant action! Teams work together to advance their ball down the play area and throw it through the 36” dia goal to score in these target games. Players can only have possession for 10 seconds before they must pass or attempt to score; any longer and possession goes to the other team!

Unique Activities

Each Ultimania pack contains all of the equipment needed for 2 completely original throwing games! In Ultimania Challenge, teams compete to score 15 points first. Goals are set up at opposite ends of the playing area. Teams pass the disc to each other in attempts to move closer to their goal. No player is allowed to hold the disc for longer than ten seconds (if they do, possession is turned over to the other team) and there is no goalie, each player guards one player from the other team. The first team to score 15 points wins. Points are scored when the disc is thrown through the goal, this can be done through the front or the back. A disc thrown through the front of the goal is one point and through the back is 2 points.

For Ultimania Madness, students divide into 2 teams and start with their team ball and team disc. Teams attempt to get their disc/ball through the goal from passing to team mates. Each student blocks one other student and there are no goalies. You can score from any side of the goal. Points are: ball through front - 1 point, disc through front - 2 points, ball through back - 2 points, disc through back - 3 points. The first team to score 20 points wins.

Fully Equipped

Looking for an easy way to get your entire class moving and having fun for an entire class period? We make it easy with Ultimania, giving you all the equipment you need to get started playing! Included is a unique goal that allows you to score on either side. A set of flags provide a visual cue for when players score. Two 4KG bases make the goals stable and can be used indoors or out.

ACTION! Ultimania Options

ACTION! Ultimania is available in a set. Goals also sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes 2 goals (60”H), two 7” coated-foam balls (1 ea red, yellow), 2 discs (1 ea red, yellow), and activity instructions.
  • Ultimania Goals, Pr