ACTION! Team Launch Volleyball Set

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A fun, team-building twist on the game of volleyball.

Bring exciting, unique volleyball games for physical education to your class with a huge ball certain to get your class excited for participation! In this challenging variation of volleyball, up to 18 players use parachutes to attempt to catch the oversized ball once it’s been served. Teammates will practice communication and cooperation to position their parachutes properly, and team strength is necessary to launch the ball back to the opponent’s side. 

Combine Parachutes and Volleyball

In these volleyball games for school, you assign 3 parachutes per side, and at least 3 students to each parachute. Teams work together to play volleyball with the included large cage ball. They are only allowed to catch and move the ball with the use of the parachute; they may not use their hands. One team serves, and the other team attempts to catch the ball and launch it back over the net. If the ball hits the floor, the serving team earns a point. Scoring is similar to regular volleyball. Games are played to 15, and a team must win by a 2 point margin.

The game requires students to be able to work together in small and large groups.

Each set includes 6 parachutes, a Team Launch Volleyball Activity Guide, and premium-quality 36” dia cage ball bladder.