ACTION! Rainbow AllAround Set

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Non-stop action and mayhem with 6 circular goals and over 60 balls all in play at once!

Frenzied games with multiple scoring options on a 360 degree goal keep the entire class involved! Game themes include attempting to score without being tagged, ducking and dodging balls thrown during the ultimate goal elimination game, scoring points in target practice, and working together in a team relay.

High Action Activities

Games in each AllAround set will get your students up and moving for an entire class. In Team Trenches, the class splits into 2 equal teams, and each team is given 33 balls. At the signal, players take aim and try to throw balls into the “trench” or hit a player on the opposite team. Once 5 balls make it into the trench, the balls are dumped out and that basket is removed. If a player is hiding by a trench when it is removed or is hit by a ball, that player is out for the round. Each round lasts 5 minutes or until all players on a team are taken out.

Everything Needed for Play

Each set includes exclusive and unique equipment to play the games. Our convenient, portable AllAround Jr Goals are made of durable 1-3/4” ABS tubing and have a tough nylon net. The included VersaBag mesh storage bag helps you easily transport and store all of the equipment.

Complete Sets include 6 goals, 10 sets of 6 Rainbow Itty Balls (low bounce version), a set of 6 Rainbow SoftiBall Coated Foam Balls, 1 VersaBag Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.

Team-Building Activities

The objective of Ultimate Dodge Goal, is to put a ball in another team’s PE goal by placing it or shooting it in opponents’ goals. All of the balls start in the center of the playing area and the 6 goals are in a circle around the balls. Each game consists of three 2 minute rounds and each team begins with 20 points. At the end of a round, teams count the number of balls in their goal. Players add up their points and subtract them from their starting score of 20. When a team runs out of points, they are out of the game. Play continues until just 1 team remains.

To set up for Precise Shooters, divide the playing area in half, and place 3 goals in an arc on each side of the playing area. Next, set up a throwing line on the end of each side of the playing area. Place 30 small and 3 big balls behind each teams throwing lines. On the signal, the 2 equally-numbered teams throw their balls across the playing area and attempt to land them in the goals on the other side. This game is played to the best of 7 rounds and each round lasts 5 minutes. The team with the most points wins.

During Rainbow Relay, place all balls at one end of the playing area and line up the goals are lined up in the other end of the playing area. In front of the teams, but before the goals, establish a throwing line. On the signal, 1 player from each team dashes to the end of the playing area and pick up a ball. Once the player grabs a ball, the player races back to the other end of the playing area, stands behind the throw line, and attempts to throw the ball into the matching goal. If they make it, the next player goes. If they miss, they must collect the ball, place it back in the ball pile, and run a lap around the playing area. The first team to finish all colors wins.