ACTION! Drive 'N Dunk Set

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It's a non-stop, continuous fast break with 24 balls in play!

Get ready for unique, action-packed basketball-themed game that encourages teamwork and careful use of strategy. All of the fast-paced games are designed to get your whole class involved and moving all class long.

Unique Concepts

This set features fun, original goal games for schools that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! In dribbling games like Goal Frenzy, teams race to score all of their balls by advancing down the court and dunking or shooting them into their opponent’s goal. At the signal, players dash to center court to grab a ball in their team’s color and proceed to the goal by running, dribbling, or passing. The rules of the game promote teamwork and sharp passing. The team that scores the most points in a predetermined amount of time wins!

Durable Goals

The goals feature a 1.25” ABS tubing, making them lightweight yet durable to withstand years of institutional use. The 48” tall goals have a top that has a 20” diameter and a 36” diameter base. The net is long enough to reach the floor, keeping balls contained after players make goals.

High-Action Games

In the game Team Scoring, players take a ball from their area and pass it to teammates down the court by bouncing it on the ground. When passing the ball, it may only bounce 1 time before being caught by a teammate. Once teams reach the goal, players must dunk the ball into the other team’s goal. The first team to move all of their balls to their opponent’s ball wins.

During Team Passing, the player closest to the balls grabs a ball and passes it to the next teammate. This continues until the person closest to the goal has the ball. That player has 3 chances to make the ball in the goal and must stand at least 4' away from the goal. Each player must keep 1 foot planted at all times. If a ball is dropped and cannot be reached, that ball is out of play. The team to score the most points during a predetermined amount of time wins.

ACTION! Drive 'N Dunk Set Options

ACTION! Drive 'N Dunk is available in a set. Additional Goals sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes 2 goals, 24 balls, and activity instructions.
  • Dive ‘N Dunk Goals, Pr