ACTION! Dodgemania Dodgeball Set

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Your students will be manic for all 15 included dodgeball games for kids!

Ready to add even more excitement to the classic dodgeball game your students love? These dodgeball games for PE include 15 new ways to play and all the equipment you need! Now, dodgeball is faster-paced than ever before.

15 Unique Games!

ACTION! Dodgemania Dodgeball comes with a set of activity instructions for 15 games: Traditional Dodgeball, Pin Guard Dodgeball, Freeze Dodgeball, Free-4-All Dodgeball, Team Dodgeball, Defender Dodgeball, Doctor Dodgeball, Four Square Dodgeball, Progressive Dodgeball, Reverse Dodgeball, Double Trouble Dodgeball, Scramble Dodgeball, Spy Dodgeball, Standing Dodgeball, One-at-the-End Dodgeball.

With so many dodgeball twists at your disposal, you will keep games new and fresh for many different twists and exciting games with a small amount of equipment. With so many dodgeball games, gym class will stay active and entertaining!

Elementary or Secondary

Two sets are available, each of which contains everything you need to get these 15 different dodgeball games set up. The main difference between the 2 sets is the size of the balls. Elementary Sets feature smaller balls for smaller students (5”, 6.3”, and 7” dia), while Secondary Sets have larger sizes (6.3”, 7”, and 8.25”). Also included is an extra-large VersaBag mesh storage bag, which makes carrying all of this equipment a breeze.

Each of these ClassicCoat Dodgeballs are made of a premium coated foam. The coating helps to ensure each ball performs game after game and stands up to high-impact usage.

ACTION! Dodgemania Dodgeball Set Options

ACTION! Dodgemania Dodgeball Sets are available in sets.

  • Complete Set. Includes 24 dodgeballs, 1 VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.
    • Elementary
    • Secondary