ACTION! BounceBlast Set

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Students will have a blast bouncing balls off our custom rebounder as others strategize how to catch them!

Create 360 degrees of mayhem during bouncing games as players throw balls at the circular rebounder, centered in the play area, causing them to ricochet off in any direction. Meanwhile, the other team attempts to catch balls before they hit the ground. It’s a fun, unique rebounder game sure to get your whole class excited!

Have a Blast during Class

In BounceBlast Chaos, teams compete to earn 21 points the quickest. 2 teams throw their balls, attempting to ricochet them off the rebounder so opponents cannot catch them. If an opponent catches the ball in its rebound, it is removed from play and placed in a designated area away from play. The 3” dia or smaller balls are worth 1 point and the larger, 6” dia balls are worth 3 points. Teams must get to exactly 21 points; if they go over, they revert back to 15 points and must continue play.

Exclusive Equipment

The BounceBlast cover features 100% poly mesh, with reinforced stitching on the edges and double layering for extra durability. With a cover this sturdy, the game is guaranteed to last for years of institutional use. A string in the base tightens around it for a secure fit. The base itself is made of an injection-molded plastic that is just 1 piece, making it more durable and crack resistant. It measures 26” in diameter and 5”H. TPR on the base ensures it will stay put on the floor, making it safer and more reliable.

ACTION! BounceBlast comes with all the equipment needed for teachers to set up unique games in their class. This set includes 1 BounceBlast rebounder, a set of 48 BounceBlast balls (24 ea 3”, 6” dia), 1 VersaBag Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.

Rebounding Games

Our custom activity instructions also include 2 more high-action rebounding games.

In this BounceBlast Elimination, students circle around the rebounder and throw their balls at the rebounder on a signal. Each student will attempt to catch a rebounded ball. If a student doesn’t catch a ball, he or she is eliminated from the game. The game continues until there is just 1 player left.

During BounceBlast Battle, teams use a limited number of balls and try to get around the goalie to hit the rebounder. Students are also unable to take steps while in possession of a ball; they must pass the ball to a teammate to move or advance. The first team to score 10 points wins.