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Seek and destroy, 1 set of coordinates at a time!

Battleship is a classic naval combat game that brings together competition, strategy, and excitement. In a head-to-head battle, you search for the enemy’s fleet of ships and destroy them one by one. No ship is safe in this game of stealth and suspense. Players must be cunning to take out all of their opponent’s ships before losing their own!

How to Play

Players set up folding boards back to back, so each playing surface is hidden from the opposing player. Students then each place 5 plastic ships around their board, with the object of placing them in areas their opponent won't call out. When all ships are placed, players roll a die to see who goes first.

The first player will call out a set of coordinates as a guess to where they think their opponent has hidden a ship. For example, “B-10" which would correspond to column B, row 10. If the coordinates called are part of a ship, the defending player says “hit" and marks their ship with a red peg. The offensive player does the same on the top part of their own board, to represent the areas they have already called out. If there is no ship, the player says “miss" and a white peg is used to mark both boards. The game continues until all of the opponent's ships are sunk.

Includes 2 portable battle cases, 10 plastic ships, 84 red “hit" pegs, 168 white “miss" pegs, label sheet, and instructions. Played with 2 players, ages 7 and up.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.