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Getting in trouble has never been so much fun!

Similar to the game Sorry!, students will need to pay close attention to their pieces and formulate a winning strategy to get their pieces all the way around the board and into their safe area. Luck plays a major role in how the game is played, but students will quickly see that smart strategy has a lot to do with winning. Counting and addition skills are also put to the test, making it a great game for younger players.

How to Play

The excitement begins as soon as you press the classic Pop-O-Matic bubble to roll the die. The player that “rolls” the highest number goes first. To start, a player must roll a 6 to move their first peg out of the Home area and onto the playing path. From there, move as many spaces as the die indicates when you pop it on your turn. The object of the game is to get pieces all the way around the board and into a goal. In order to get pieces home, the exact number must be rolled, otherwise, players still have a chance to send them back to start!

Pegs are permitted to jump other pegs as they move around the board, however if a peg’s final landing space is occupied by another piece—be it another players or your own—that piece is sent straight back to the beginning. The first player to get all 4 of their pegs from start to goal wins!

Includes game board, plastic game unit with Pop-O-Matic die roller, 16 pegs, and instructions. For 2-4 players.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.