Team Relay Puzzles

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Unit:  Set of 4

Animal puzzles teach communication skills through fun, active team challenges!

Combine the mental exercise of a puzzle with the physical exercise of a relay race! In these puzzle games for physical education, teams collect vinyl puzzle pieces in relays or other activities, then assemble them as a team. The puzzles depict frogs, rabbits, pigs, and cats in 10 or 11 pieces each.

Versatile Gameplay

There are many different ways you can use these puzzles to create relay games for PE. Create relays between teams to see who can build their puzzle the fastest. You might also decide to use them for teambuilding activities, station activities, or blindfold puzzle activities.

Durable Pieces

Made of a flexible and durable polyvinyl, these puzzle pieces are tear-resistant and designed to last for years of use. Their grippy side underneath sticks to a gym floor to prevent players from slipping if they step on them. The pieces can also be easily disassembled and stored away. Each puzzle measures 30” x 24” and features 10 to 11 pieces.

Each set of 4 includes an animal puzzle depicting each a cat, frog, rabbit, and pig.