Standard Playing Cards

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Play a range of favorite card games with this classic deck.

A standard deck of cards can provide for hours of fun! There’s no shortage of games to be played and each new games helps develop cognitive skills, including problem solving, strategy, memory, matching, and deductive reasoning. Cards feature a high-quality linen finish for a professional-grade feel.

How to Play

Deal out this deck on any flat surface and task your students with playing a class-favorite card game or learning a brand new one! There are thousands of card games out there, each with its own variation and rule tweaks, making it possible to have endless hours of fun. Play a 2-person game like War or Crazy Eights, involve more players with games like Spades or Go Fish, or even get a tournament going with the whole class as you break students into small groups to play Rummy or Slapjack!

Because playing cards are so versatile, they can also be incorporated into other games that require a deck as well. Pair them with a cribbage board for an instant game of 2-4 handed cribbage, for example. Or, get some dice together and give your students a casino day, with differ card games and games of luck set up, to teach them about probability, odds, or deductive reasoning!

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.