Spider's Web Team Challenge

Direct Ship, Estimated Ship Date is 04/12/2023
Unit:  Set

Teams of 8-10 pass each member, one by one, through the Spider's Web.

Want a fun, team building game that promotes cooperative skills? This game is easy to set up and take down, with elastic bungee cords that attach quickly and easily to a sturdy 10’W x 7’H PVC frame. 

Build Trust and Creativity

This activity requires students to hold/pass each other through the web. To do that successfully, they must trust that their teammates will not drop them. This also allows students to think creatively, because when students are passing each member through the web, they are not allowed to use the same hole more than once. The first and last player need to have a hole that doesn’t require them to be lifted in the air, since there will be no members on the other side.

Through this game, your students will learn valuable skills like teamwork, leadership, problem solving, trust, and communication.

Two Game Options

Two fun game options are included in this set. The first activity requires students to work together in groups. Students are told that a giant spider built a web and is blocking their safe passage! The group’s mission is to pass all students through to the other side of the web without touching it, lest they wake the giant spider! If group size allows, don’t allow students to pass through more than one passageway.

The second game option provides a variation to passing students through. Instead, the game uses a climbing rope, and students must work together to weave it through the net without letting it touch the web.

Quality Design

The game is made with a PVC frame and bungee cords. The PVC is strong and durable despite its light weight, and has high tensile strength. Each bungee cord is soft and flexible, so if a student does come into contact with one, it will not hurt.